Thursday, May 9, 2013


At the ending of, A Child Called “It” she is the worst: drinks every day and just lies on the couch to watch TV.  She loses respect for all of her sons and soon they are all afraid of her.  A few days after Christmas, the father of Dave got tired of Catherine and they got separated. She had Dave all to herself now; she could hit him without being stopped and torture him all she wanted. In my opinion, I hated her at the end: this woman just got worse and didn't even get arrested! Child Abuse Laws didn't come around until the 1990’s. She made her children’s life a “living-hell” and didn't get punished for it! If this would've occurred in these times, Catherine could’ve even gotten a death penalty. Mothers with children shouldn't drink and especially not when their children are around. Take Catherine as an example she used to be a good nurturing mother until she began to drink constantly.  “When did Catherine Roerva die?” January 1992, she suffered from a heart failure while she slept and didn't survive. (April 17, 1929- January 6, 1992)  Catherine used to an angle but turned herself into a demon! 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Catherine Roerva used to be a good caring mother until she turned into an alcoholic . She would always be busy doing something you’d never see her sitting down on the couch. You could say she was a clean fiend: if she was cleaning no room in the house would be left untouched. She would cook for the family every holiday and every evening there would be a nice family dinner awaiting everybody. While dad was out at work (24hr shift) she would take the boys on fun day trips. Her relationship with her sons changed radically though. Now at these times, while father was out she would spend the entire day lying on the couch, dressed only in her bathrobe, and watching TV. Soon Catherine decided that the “Corner treatment “was no longer effective she began the hitting. It got worse and worse every month or so soon she began hitting him until she got tired. Near Christmas time, one day when Dave was getting home from school she began hitting him claiming she had gotten a letter from Santa that he had been a ”BAD BOY”. Christmas day, Dave got no presents but because of this Dave’s father had an argument with her. The argument only made her even more mad and soon she would get back at Dave. About a month later, Catherine had become a den mother for the Cub Scouts, this meant less torture for Dave. But on a random Wednesday (meeting day) she had the feeling of beating Dave up, she screamed at him, beat him up, and even burned him on top of the stove! Year after Year it got worse but throughout all of this Dave managed to survive. Back then, there were no Child Abuse Laws so if you’re questioning yourself,” Did this mother ever get arrested?” The answer is, No she did not! 

Events in Catherine’s life

Catherine Roerva

Catherine Roerva is an alcoholic mother who liked to play deathly games with her son, Dave Pelzer. She was a woman of average size and appearance. Her greatest asset used to be her determination.  She used to be clean and would always have a nice family dinner. She was a truly gifted cook. Before she became an alcoholic everything was nice and loving. Back then the house was filled with pets- cats, dogs, aquariums and a gopher tortoise. Since their father worked in a 24-hr shift she would take them out on day trips like to parks or even aquariums. But in years her relationship with David changed drastically from discipline to punishment! The change started when he would be the only one to get caught at mischief: it started as him being put in the corner.  In those times, She changed more when father was out she would spend the entire day lying on the couch, dressed only in her bathrobe, watching TV. Catherine would only get up to go to the bathroom, get a drink or heat up leftover food. Soon her voice changed from nurturing mother to wicked witch. She changed so much during the years it went from putting Dave in the corner to beating him up until she got tired. Her usual everyday look is now swollen red eyes, frazzled hair, no makeup, and even overweight! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


A child called "It" was based on a true story on severe child abuse. This is the story of Dave Pelzer; he was brutally beaten and even starved by his alcoholic mother, Catherine Roerva. She would supposedly play games with him but these were no common games- most left him near death. She had no longer considered him as a son, but like her slave! She would not call him boy but “it”.
     He even slept in the basement in a really ugly bed. She wouldn't really feed him she would give him scraps! That’s not even the bad part.. she gave him the scraps that the dogs didn’t want. Nobody knew this was happening to him he had no one to tell or turn to. The thing that kept him alive was “dreams”. Dreaming was what gave him hope! The reason why I chose Catherine is because her actions are unknown! Her personality and actions are unlike any other mother this is another reason why I chose her.